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THE Swooniest Camicas, Smocks, and Chemises on the Internet

If you follow my social media at all, then you know that I'm knee-deep in sewing a camica by hand. The camica, or undergarment shift dress, is only the first step in what is a lengthy process to create an outfit for my upcoming trip to Maryland Renaissance Festival at the end of the month. Won't you join me on this quest and keep me accountable??

On Wednesday, I'll be live streaming here on YouTube. Bring your own sewing project and sew along with me at 8pm CT on Wednesday, August 7th!

In preparation for the event, I thought I would share my favorite images of camicas, smocks, or chemises so that you can be provided with a dash of #Rennspo as well!

Edit: apparently "Rennspo" is a different thing altogether, but let's use it anyway!

From refined and fully dressed peek-through sleeves... trips out on the town and visits to births. Ya know, as one does...

...and those women who were just plain bawdy and beautiful.

The loveliest extant camicas with very intricate blackwork, or hand sewn embroidery:

You know I can't resist a few images of Drew Barrymore as Danielle from Ever After, so that's what we'll end this post with:

I hope these images inspire you to get started on your own camica! But first, tell me: are you more of a bawdy beauty or refined lady? I suspect I'm the former, but feel free to weigh in on my class and status below.



Don't forget to join my live stream on Wednesday, August 7th at 8pm CT!


Quite a few of these images came from research that I've compiled on this Pinterest board. Feel free to take a gander, follow me on Pinterest, and check out all the pins.

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