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THE Official Old Fashioned AF Reading List | 2021 Edition

I try to read at least a book per month on average. I'm always in the mood for memoires and historic nonfiction with an outdoorsy or culinary bent. If those are genres that you appreciate, you'll probably love this list too! Let me know in the comments if you decide to read any of these books this year. I'd love to discuss them with y'all on the Old Fashioned AF Discord server!

ICYMI: be sure to check out my video on the goals I'll be trying to achieve this year!

These are the books I'll be reading this year in no particular order:

If you'd like to listen to these or any other books instead of reading them,

try Audible Plus and get a 30 day free trial!


*The links above are affiliate links. Affiliate links help to keep this channel going so that I can bring you even more fab vintage content at no additional cost to you!

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Tarah Cantrell
Tarah Cantrell
11 lut 2021

You're welcome, momastew21! I'm glad it was helpful for you!


18 sty 2021

Your goals video is such an incentive. Thank you!

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