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How To Make Melton-Mobray-Style Pork Pies

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

If you're ready for a time-intensive but oh-so-satisfying treat, be sure to make these incredibly delicious pies. Make a large pie for your holiday celebration or miniature pies for a picnic. Scroll down for all the details!

An American Take on the Classic Pork Pie

Yield: one 9-inch pie or 12 individual pies

Active Time: at least 2 hours

Cook Time: 45-60 minutes

Set Time: 4 hours-2 days

Hot Water Crust Ingredients:

3 ⅓ cups flour + extra for dusting

¼ c milk

¼ c water

1 cup lard or butter

salt to taste

pepper to taste

1 egg for wash

Filling Ingredients:

1 pound pork shoulder or other boneless pork roast, chopped

¼ cup pork belly, chopped (optional)

¼ cup bacon, chopped (½ cup if not using pork belly)

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste

Gelatin Ingredients (Optional):

1 packet

¼ c water

½ tsp thyme

½ tsp parsley

½ tsp nutmeg

1 bay leaf


Part 1: Filling and Crust Preparation

(This part must be done at least four hours in advance of baking but may be done up to two days in advance of baking.)

  1. Combine lard, milk, water, salt, and pepper in a saucepan.

  2. Warm on medium heat until lard has melted.

  3. Sit aside to cool for approximately one minute.

  4. Meanwhile, place flour in a large bowl.

  5. Add lard mixture to flour, stirring until it reaches the consistency of wet breadcrumbs.

  6. Kneed the crust until there is no flour left and crust becomes smooth and pliable.

  7. Shape crusts and lids.

  8. Cover and refrigerate for at least four hours until crusts hold their shapes at room temperature.

Part 2: The Filling and Baking

(This part should be done just before baking.)

  1. Line the pie pan (or baking sheet for individual pies) with parchment and oil of your choice.

  2. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit or 180 Celsius.

  3. Chop pork, pork belly, and bacon into half-inch cubes.

  4. Mix pork, pork belly, bacon, salt, and pepper until fully combined.

  5. Remove crust from refrigerator (place on baking sheet if necessary).

  6. Fill each crust until two thirds full. Be sure not to overfill.

  7. Brush each pie crust top with egg wash, to use as a seal around the top of each pie.

  8. Top the pies and crimp.

  9. Poke a hole in the top of each pie for ventilation and to pour in gelatin after baking.

  10. Brush the outside of each pie with egg wash.

  11. Bake at least forty five minutes or until internal temperature reaches at least 145 degrees Fahrenheit/60 Celsius.

Part 3: Gelatin and Set

(This part should be done at least two hours in advance of serving.)

  1. Allow pies to cool.

  2. As the pies cool, add one packet or sheet of gelatin to the thyme, parsley, nutmeg, and a bay leaf.

  3. Combine all in a saucepan.

  4. Add water over medium heat.

  5. Stir until gelatin is fully dissolved.

  6. Discard bay leaf and run warm gelatin through a fine mesh sieve (optional).

  7. Pour a small amount of gelatin inside the top of each pie.

  8. Immediately after pouring the gelatin, cover and place pies in the refrigerator for an additional two hours.

  9. Remove pies from the refrigerator and serve.

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