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Halfway Planet @ C2E2 with the Lumos Quidditch Team

If you've been following along on my or Laurence's socials, you'll know that I took a couple of weeks off from my usual workflow to have heart surgery. Recovery is going very well, and now that I'm doing better I can announce that today is the official launch of my Patreon page, but that's not what you came here to see, is it?

You really want to see Laurence Brown play Quidditch with Lumos Quidditch from Loyola University, right?? Well, here it is for your viewing pleasure. I certainly had a great time standing on the sidelines making fun of--err, filming--him play his legs out!

Now that I'm back, I'll be updating this site WAY more frequently. Stick around, and be sure to join the party at Patreon where you'll get even more content from me every single week!

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