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An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving Meal Plan, Simplified

Thanksgiving is coming, and that means making the most of meal planning. If you're anything like me, the highlight of the season is watching friends and family take their first bites of something made from scratch and have that look of recognition. The one that says, "I'm going to empty my plate and have seconds."

Of course, that won't be happening for many of us this year. BUT that doesn't mean you can't still make a traditional feast and have a never-ending array of leftovers! Because if you really are anything like me then you could eat leftover turkey dinner sandwiches pretty much until eternity. If you're not like me, surely there's always room in the freezer for the very best leftovers, which can then be used in countless recipes over the coming months.

Anyway, here are my most beloved Thanksgiving recipes from the easiest turkey to that most evocative of desserts, the pumpkin pie--all in one place for all your planning, prepping, and/or bingeing needs! Bon appétit!

Complete with fried onions, this is one old-fashioned, questionable-looking, but oh-so-satisfying side dish!

THE Easiest Turkey You'll Ever Roast

There isn't really a recipe for this bird because the video speaks for itself. If you're gonna roast a turkey, better do it the old fashioned way.

Even if you don't prepare the entire dinner, bring along these rolls and you'll win over even the most difficult relatives. Bonus: these are terrific for first-time yeast users.

It still is and forever will be the thing I look most forward to at Thanksgiving besides, well, the rest of the meal of course. This stuffing shouldn't be good but it is. SO. GOOD.

Of course, you can also stream the entire playlist directly on YouTube right here. Happy Thanksgiving Day planning!

What do you plan to make for your Thanksgiving dinner this year?

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