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My Favorite #CoCoVid YouTube videos to watch this weekend

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Did you miss #CoCoVid on YouTube? If you're an Old Fashioned AF regular, you may not even know WHAT it was that you missed. But don't worry! I'm here to enlighten and refresh you, as well as share a list of great videos to binge this weekend. Enjoy!

#CoCoVid logo with YouTube logo
The #CoCoVid logo at the top of the published schedule.

What IS #CoCoVid Anyway?

Long-time followers of Old Fashioned AF know that this year was meant to include my first trip to Costume College, an annual event for those of us who love to make costumes--historic, theatrical, cosplay, or any kind. Just like basically every other major event this year, Costume College was postponed til 2021 because of the pandemic. Hopefully by next year the world will sort itself out enough for us to once again be able to rejoice in our love of costuming in person! In the meantime, costumers on YouTube created an event that was able to replicate at least a little of the thrill and comradery that Costume College usually brings with it.

Known collectively as Costube, these costumers did their best to recreate the event in a virtual, free-for-everyone, YouTube-y way! During the weekend itself there were special panels and events. A Discord server was also created so that viewers and creators alike could interact in real time as each of the special events occurred.

The Discord server and a few of the panels may have been temporary, but what remains is a host of longer-than-normal videos from a wide range of creators. Here are a few of my favorites in no particular order, for your own viewing pleasure.

My Favorite #CoCoVid Videos From Last Weekend

Making 18th Century Mitts with Jess of Penny River Costumes

This tutorial takes you step-by-step through the process of making mitts (think: Outlander or Poldark because they're used in both!), which are long, beautiful finger-less gloves, often embellished with hand embroidery. If you'd like to make your own mitts, visit Jess's shop (link in the video's description) or find details on how to make them in the gorgeous but practical book, The American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Dressmaking.

Confidence: How to put yourself out there

This was the first panel I watched, and it opened up the weekend in the best way! Cathy Hay, the moderator for this panel, has a way of putting everyone who listens to her at ease instantly, generally with an inspiring message to boot during her regular videos. But to have Bernadette Banner, Constance MacKenzie, and Zack Pinsent all the in same place is a treat and a half! Speaking of treats, three of the four panelists are British, so be sure to grab some of my favorite tea and biscuits before viewing. It'll be the best virtual tea party you've ever attended, I promise!

Fancy to Plain: A History on Mennonite Women’s Fashion From 1880-2020

If you grew up in northerly Central Indiana like I did, then you are probably no stranger to seeing the occasional Mennonite out and about, but do you know anything about their dress? What about the HISTORY of their dress? No, Mennonites didn't always wear the same polyester gowns we associate them with today. In fact, many of their religious factions predate polyester itself! Join the Edwardian Tailor as he discusses a history of Mennonite dress from the late 1800s to present. It's something you didn't know you needed until this moment but will be very glad you learned more about! He includes a bunch of photo evidence from this book, Mennonite Women of Lancaster County: A Story in Photographs from 1855-1935, if you're interested in learning even more about the Mennonites and their penchants for wearing capes and bonnets.

18th Century Pleat Math and Petticoat Demo

Fast-talking V from SnappyDragon does stitchy business, and she does it well. Her videos are too much fun to watch! She's also the only YouTuber I've come across who actually makes sewing math both engaging and easy to follow--and in this tutorial she does it all live! Note that she also uses algebraic lettering to ease confusion, which I have been known to do on my own Patreon tutorials in the past. A woman after my own heart for sure!

18th Century Stays: An Introduction to Materials & Getting Started

Are you familiar with the term 'stays' in historic garments? They're basically the precursors to corsets, in that they held your breasts in place and gave shape to your body underneath the bodice of a dress until what we think of as 'modern' or Victorian corsetry became a thing. Fabric makers Burnley and Trowbridge, Co. give us insight into the art (and yes, more math) of making stays, possibly the most comfortable undergarment on Earth so long as there's a shift underneath. Want to learn more about how to make historic undergarments? Check out this collection of patterns and materials. You won't be disappointed!

Did YOU participate in #CoCoVid last weekend? What were your favorite videos from last weekend's festivities?

This post includes affiliate links that help bring you more vintage and historic themed content. Thank you for your support!

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